Monday, February 14, 2011

Something sweet I made... er... I mean... I WANT to make!

Wow, so many great ideas for repurposed kitchens.
Like this one...

or this one...


or this one...

from blogger Sutton Grace:
or this...

or another fave:

and here is one, complete with directions... (See credit link at bottom)

Summer DIY Project: How to Repurpose An Old TV Console Into Kid’s Play Kitchen

Below are the pictures and your basic how-to:

1. Find any 80’s-90’s style entertainment console (search DiggersList, Habitat ReStores, garage sales, etc.).

2. Remove the doors and sand any finish/laminate so new paint can better adhere to wood.

3. Use primer on all surfaces you are planning to paint (prime the back paneling as well).

4. Remove back panels and cut wood, MDF, or even cut a square out of a wood box to create the outside of your microwave. Attach to top underside of console as shown. Cut hole in the “counter” for the sink.

5. Using scraps of MDF, create doors for the shelving/pantry on the right and replace the original door for the cabinet under the sink. You can find handles, faucets, hinges on DiggersList, Habitat ReStores, etc., (and here, the sink was made out of a silver bowl).

6. To make the finishing details, attach the second original door and paint the inside black to mimic an oven (if you are ambitious, you can cut out the center and replace it with Plexiglas), then do the same for the microwave. After painting the back panels a contrasting color to the white (have fun with this part of the project, you can even add a back splash with tile, or, in this case, a window with curtains) re-attach to close in the kitchen. You can find oven nobs just about anywhere and paint goes a long way to creating a stove-top and microwave buttons. Tack on a utensil rack, screw in a couple hooks for dishtowels, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic kitchen!

7. Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to this project and the possible details you can add. You can use magnetic paint on the refrigerator doors so your child can stick on photos with magnets. Paint the inside of the oven silver so mimic a real stove. Attach a hollowed out phone on the outside of the kitchen, next to the fridge and paint a message board with chalk paint. Add lights or light switches for more realism. Mainly, have fun with this project, because whomever plays with this kitchen, surely will.

This project was provided at:

I think I will combine a bit of each and then fill it with wonderful play food I will handmake from patterns I have gotten from some wonderful etsy sellers!!! And of course, vintage melamine cups and saucers, thrifted mixing bowls, and then I will repurpose old pringle cans, cake mix boxes, and more!  I will keep you posted!

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