Friday, March 4, 2011

Showering a baby Girl... (with gifts and love)

I am so excited... one of my oldest nieces is having a baby girl soon, and my sis and I are planning the family baby shower for her.  I can hardly wait to show off my craftiness.  Of course, not a one of the wonderful ideas I plan to showcase are my own, but that's OK, a great idea is a great idea, no matter the source, right???

The colors are pink, pink, pink, and... mint green.  I plan to make several items for a composition centerpiece (because I could not choose just one!), as well as for each guest table.  I am a Starbuck's frappucino fanatic, so I have tons of these bottles waiting to go to the recycle bin.  Good thing, because I just found this awesome upcycling idea here.

Check out these awesome upcycled cuties:

Ok, so all three will reign "offstage" on the  cake table, along with several other goodies to come, and each guest table will have one single bottle, filled with wonderful vintage button flowers similar to these, found here.

Since I also make vintage button pendants, I have tons of vintage buttons, my colors will be shades of pinks and greens, of course!  Now imagine, sitting alongside these adorable bottles filled with vintage button flowers, these adorable felt baby booties, made in various shades of pinks and greens!  Find the tutorial here.

Spread vintage buttons in shades of pinks over vintage or gingham tablecoverings, and enjoy.
Now, on to the cake table. 

These are an absolute must have for this baby shower, these wonderful chrysanthemum cupcakes, topped with marshmallows and sugar.  But in pink, with green centers, for sure!  YUMMMM!  Find the how-to here.

And, one of the most popular baby showers ideas running rampantly around right now is the diaper cake.... so we must also have one of those.  Check out this beauty, found here:

Last, a great backdrop from which to center everything, but on our table, guess what color??/ (pink!)

Won't this be awesome?? Aren't you getting excited?  I know I am!  Keep ya posted, no name picked yet, at least one surprise to come. :)