Thursday, February 17, 2011

Accents Etc., downtown McCook, where some of my "bric-er-brac" hangs out!

Just a glimpse into a great little shop in downtown McCook, NE, (in case you are ever caught between Denver and Omaha with nothing to do). 
I have a little corner of the basement for my "Charming Vintage" shop, and my friend Courtney of DaisyToad'sVintage has one as well. 
I have gathered a random assortment of goodies that caught my eye, a bit of my shop, a bit of Courtney's, and some other treasures as well. 

I just love the color, texture, and detailing of old quilts, for old fashioned charm, they can't be beat.
Also mine, these little half dolls are waiting for a good home and someone to repurpose them!

It's an eclectic mix of antiques and vintage goodies,
with a wonderful gift and flower shop on the main floor, lots of terrific things to choose from. 
A bookstore with children's reading nook also calls "Accents" home.

An Aunthentic Munzerlite 1/2 doll boudoir lamp, early 1900's, in my little corner shop!
Now, don't you just want to dig through the jars of goodies to see what you can find?????

 And just look at this treasure, a baby carriage, complete with antique album atop.

Come visit sometime, I know you will find something worthwhile that you simply CANNOT live without!
Then, go across the street for an authentic German ranzen at Sehnert's bieroc cafe, and visit our wonderfully updated business and meeting center up the street just a bit.  An old post office has also been converted to a by appointment only antique shop, and for a little gardening fun, take a quick trip about a mile south of town to Common Scents Greenhouse and Nursery. 

I must admit, you are seeing the items I most enjoy, so much more to choose from!

Is this the most gorgeous portrait you have ever seen?  Price tag, under twenty dollars!

Enjoy a little glimpse of home! Can you imagine these in your buffet?  I know I can.

Above and below, DaisyToad'sVintage (an etsy friend too) shares some loveliness.

Last, I must leave you with just one more glimpse of "Charming Vintage", part of my "Simply Charming Life" inventory. 
This section was part of my Valentine display in gorgeous old time pink and rose tones.  Enjoy!

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  1. Love the old red trimmed dinner set! I drink daily from *Best China* Homer Laughin coffee cups, they are small and just the right size for a good cup of coffee. Thanks for sharing.