Friday, February 4, 2011

I am going to seriously work on blogging. I mean it. Starting now. Now. Now.

OK, just a few thoughts. Wondering how many other vintage lovers have husbands who do not really support their hobby/habit. My husband calls my collections "brick-er-brac" (drives me crazy, at least he should SAY it correctly) or "Trinkets" (and this is NOT said in a loving fashion).

I am so seriously addicted to thrifting that it makes me doubt my sanity sometimes. Milk or thrift finds? Which one is REALLY most important??? OK, milk, but I have to give it serious consideration, anyway!

I have found a new source of entertainment, the "Catherine Newman Blog". She is seriously funny, and writes just like I think. Check her out on her own blog, or at family fun. (Dalai Mama Dishes) I am going back to babycenter articles and reading up on older posts. I HIGHLY recommend checking out her link. Not a vintage shopper, but frugal and homey, and FUN!

Trying to add new merchandise to my etsy shop, keep up with a three year old and eleven year old, as well as work full time, keeps life pretty darn interesting. Happy February!

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